Clean up your credit report now or it will cost you.

Even small blemishes on your credit report can have big financial consequences.

When it comes to getting a loan, your credit score is everything. It will influence the interest rate you pay, the size of the down payment, or whether you get the loan at all. While the $150 Comcast bill you forgot to pay back in ’09 may not seem like a big deal, if it causes the bank to raise your interest rate a fraction of a point, your going to pay thousands more over the term of the loan.

Don’t wait to find out the condition of your credit until it’s too late.

If you found out about your ex’s unpaid medical bills from the finance manager at the dealership, it’s too late. By that point you’re already in love with the car. You won’t love the 15.5% interest rate. You’re entitled to a free credit report every year. Request yours today.

Cleaning up your credit is time consuming.

While some issues can be resolved with a phone call, others may take months of paperwork. If you are thinking about making an offer on that beautiful bungalow, you’ll probably only have 30 days to be approved on a loan. How terrible would it be to lose the house because you couldn’t resolve that dispute with your former landlord in time?

Don’t ignore the negative information on your report, the loan officer certainly won’t.

If you’re avoiding your credit report because you’re afraid of what you’ll find, you aren’t alone. These days the majority of Americans have at least one account in collections. Though your experiences may vary, most creditors are willing to reduce outstanding balances and negotiate repayment plans. If the creditor or debt collector is being uncooperative, an attorney who specializes in debtor defense may be able help.

Don’t lose your dream house or pay too much for that car. Get to work on your credit now.

The Law Office of Grant D. Gilmore has considerable experience helping Utahn’s protect their credit and settle debts. Whether the negative information on your credit report is true or false, Grant can help. There is no better time to request your free credit report. Review it carefully and call if you could use some assistance. A few hundred dollars today may save you a few thousand tomorrow.

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