Utah's Debt Defense Attorney



  • Debtor Defense

    More often than not, extreme financial hardships are the result of illness, job loss, divorce or some other disruptive personal event.  But that doesn’t stop creditors, debt collectors or debt buyers from aggressively pursuing repayment.  Grant D. Gilmore represents consumers who are suffering from harassing, deceptive and fraudulent debt collection practices.

  • Consumer Law

    Every year millions of Americans are victimized by fraudulent, abusive and predatory business practices.  Grant D. Gilmore zealously protects consumers against unfair credit reporting, predatory lenders, identity theft, auto repossessions and other unfair business practices.

  • Criminal Defense

    Facing criminal prosecution will likely be the scariest thing you ever experience.  The right attorney can have a huge impact on whether you spend time in jail, lose your driver’s license, create a permanent record or pay big fines.  The Law Office of Grant D. Gilmore defends individuals facing charges for drug, alcohol, vehicle and theft crimes.

  • Credit Protection

    In today’s economy, credit is king and your credit score is the key. Despite the credit bureaus’ “best efforts,” millions of Americans’ credit reports contain errors. Errors that may be keeping them from getting their dream home, buying a car, even finding employment. Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Law Office of Grant D. Gilmore is helping Utahns protect their credit against fraudulent reporting, erroneous information and other damaging information. Check your credit report regularly and contact Grant if you see something that doesn’t belong.

  • General Litigation

    Litigation is expensive and time consuming, but sometimes the only path to resolution runs through the courthouse.  Grant D. Gilmore prefers to settle disputes though alternative methods, but is prepared to skilfully represent clients once the courts are involved.  If litigation is necessary, Grant’s focus is always to maximize client value through open collaboration and regular communication.